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Email Marketing Management

The right Foundational SEO can give more helpful info to search engines so your website can be appropriately indexed and show up in the searches your possible customers are doing online. Best of all, when your site starts ranking for the right keywords, the traffic your content creates can increase considerably. Great Foundational SEO can build resilient website traffic that grows over time far more cheaply than spending on monthly digital ads.

7 Fold Marketing can perform an SEO audit on your existing website and then make the changes you need to start ranking in search results organically. Proper planning pays long-term dividends. If you want reliable results from your digital marketing dollars, a Foundational SEO audit and plan are the right first steps to get the traffic your website deserves.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps get your website a high ranking on a search engine’s results page through algorithm-driven results. Keywords, backlinking, and exceptionally high-quality content will improve a website’s ranking. 7 Fold Marketing evaluates your site for SEO gaps and makes the necessary changes to boost Google rankings. A content program follows to increase Google’s need to come back and find good keywords. Remember – organic SEO is a long game with big paybacks in long-term site traffic and high rankings.


Don’t be confused by the specialized jargon that comes with building a fabulous website. Your website has one job – to make you look great. What better way to communicate skill and customer care than with a site that’s easy to navigate, attractive, and tells everyone exactly what you do? With 7 Fold Marketing, you can start from the ground up or tweak what you’ve got into something incredible. Every new website build gets key pieces for success like Foundational SEO, links, alt image attributes, and keywords – everything 7Fold puts into your new website plants the seeds for organic SEO that pays long-term results. Best of all, your website can be the foundation of your Digital Presence. Let 7 Fold Marketing create your website and start you on the path to being seen by the right people.

For many companies, making changes to their websites takes a few email exchanges, authorizations, and a little red tape. Slow is the wrong speed for today’s modern digital marketplace. In case you hadn’t noticed, most products have an online footprint. But you can get more from a website than leads. Your website can give you critical insights called analytics that should govern your marketing strategy. Good analytics come from great sites with foundational SEO and fresh content. 7 Fold Marketing can help you make website changes quickly and track the analytics those changes produce to help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

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Social media marketing has changed, just like consumers have changed. Your brand’s Digital Presence can reflect more than a product or service; it can present a brand identity that helps build brand trust. 7 Fold Marketing Consulting can craft your Digital Presence to show your values and keep you in the minds of your likely customers around the clock. The key to a strong Digital Presence is consistency and fresh content. Social posts that include branded imagery, blogs with the right keywords, and relevant information keep your rankings high. When the search engines like your content, they will come back for more and bring everyone with them. 7Fold can generate the social media content your business needs for a fulfilling digital presence that delivers results.


Every branded image, every social post, and every blog needs to have all the ingredients to promote your brand. Search engine bots love fresh content that is relevant to their customers – the people who are searching. The newer and more relevant your content, the better. Whatever your brand’s character or identity – serious, playful, funny, exotic – 7 Fold Marketing Consulting can create the content you need to stay on everyone’s minds. Especially the search engine bots.

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Engaging your customers with print media is just the beginning. With more teams working remotely, ‘Stuff We All Get’ or swag, is more important than ever. Promotional materials and team-building swag go a long way towards building brand trust. Your customers and your employees need to buy into your brand every day – or you won’t keep either.


 A popular Promotion among some businesses is a buy-one, give-one campaign. Here, an in-demand resource is given to a population in need based on sales. For example, for every pair of socks bought, a pair is given. For Print Promotions for customers or team-building exercises, 7 Fold Marketing Consulting can construct your campaign to support a charity.


7 Fold Marketing Consulting creates the right promotional materials for your brand. A print campaign to attract new customers, promotional mailers, branded awnings and tents, and Promotional pieces can combine with your digital strategy. Internal Promotions for employees to reward completing a project, supporting a cause, or donating time off can build morale. Let 7 Fold Marketing Consulting create your campaign to get the results you want.

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Consumer behavior has morphed into something completely new. Today, brands need an identity, a purpose, a cause – no one is comparison shopping on price alone anymore. Every brand has a narrative that is the foundation of brand trust, and trust is more fragile than ever before. You need a Brand Management strategy to navigate this new social consumer space. Your brand will be judged by every social media post you offer, every charity you support, and every public activity your brand or corporate officers participates in. A proper Brand Management strategy is smooth, seamless, and organically natural. Let 7 Fold Marketing Consulting create the right Brand Management strategy for your business and help you navigate the volatile ‘new normal’ of the marketplace.

In the Wild West Dial-Up days of the Internet, Brand Safety meant minding where your pop-up ads ‘popped-up’ hoping to avoid an ad bomb of epic proportions. But today, the social space is the consumer space, and what you say as an individual can send shockwaves through your brand. 7 Fold Marketing Consulting can help you re-enter the volatile social consumer space with a Brand Rehabilitation plan to re-establish brand trust – brand trust is brand safety.

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We can also help you target a specific audience for your ads and help you develop a plan to attract more. But whether you are searching for an audience or want to address your customers directly, we can help target the audience you are looking for. Audience targeting is exceptionally beneficial for lifestyle industries ranging from personal fitness to life coaches. But even if you have the perfect geofence, awful ads do poorly. Our in-house designers can help craft the perfect ad for your campaign. Even if you have no idea where to start, we can work with you to bring your ideas to life or create something from scratch. Ultimately, it’s all about the data. We can help you make sense of the impressions, clicks, conversions, and costs and offer expert advice on making changes and when. Data also helps with retargeting or showing your ads to people who visited your website but didn’t take action like making a purchase, subscribing, etc. You don’t have to comb through all the numbers and graphs. We can do that for you. Geofencing is only one tool you can use in your digital marketing plan. At 7 Fold Marketing Consulting, we can show you how to get the most from your marketing dollars.

Targeted Geographic Area

Geofencing is the fastest growing way businesses reach new customers with digital marketing. Our 7 Fold Marketing Consulting experts can help you get the most out of your geofencing effort. So what’s the benefit of geofencing? Not only can you get hyper-local targeting down to a single building, but you can also target a specific audience. Best of all, you don’t have to be a large business with millions to spend on advertising to benefit from our geofencing marketing expertise (but we wouldn’t mind if you were). There are a few flavors of location targeting. One option is geofencing an area around a specific address. For example, say you are a resale shop specializing in children’s clothing; a good geofence could be a neighborhood around an elementary school or daycare. A geofence can also be hyper-local, like if you owned a small coffee and pastry shop and wanted your ads to run inside a multinational coffee shop chain store that’s just around the corner that offers free WiFi.

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